Planning to bring your dog to overnight dog boarding? Be prepared and pack the right things for your dog and for the daycare. It is important for your dog to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Bring their favorite toy or a blanket that smells like home to help them feel safe. Provide the daycare with emergency contact information and identification to prepare if anything happens to your dog. Have your dog’s extra food and any medication packed for the overnight stay as well. Packing these necessities for your dog’s overnight stay will allow your dog to have an enjoyable and safe time away from home.

Emergency Contact Information/Identification

Pack your emergency contact information and your dog’s identification documents for overnight dog boarding. It is important to provide your emergency contact information for possible emergencies where the daycare would need to contact you immediately. You need to make sure the daycare can contact you at any time in case of any accidents . Provide the daycare with your dog’s documents and identification to get them the information about your dog that is needed for overnight boarding.

Favorite Blanket or Toy

Dog running in the grass with a colorful toy

Does your dog have a favorite toy? Or love a specific blanket that smells like home? Pack it in their bag for overnight dog boarding. Just like humans will bring their favorite blanket to sleep-away camp, or their favorite pillow to a friend’s sleepover, it is the same with dogs. They want their blanket or toy to help them feel at home. Allowing them to play with their favorite toy away from home will allow them to feel more at home when they are away at overnight boarding. The blanket that smells like home will give them a sense of home that they might be missing when sleeping somewhere new. That will help your dog feel more comfortable and safe being in a new place and sleeping away from home.

Extra Food

Pack extra food for your dog while they are staying overnight at boarding. It is important to pack extra food in case the daycare runs out. It is important to make sure your dog is being provided with the right amount of food during their overnight stay. Packing extra food will guarantee this and provide extra food, if needed. It is always important to pack more food than needed to make sure your dog will not run out of food during their overnight boarding.


Someone holding a red pill in front of a dogRemember to pack your dog their medicine and supplements if needed for overnight dog boarding. It is important to pack medicine to keep your dog healthy , if prescribed to them. Along with medicine, if they regularly take supplements, you will need to pack it with your dog for overnight boarding to keep their diet and routine consistent. Your dog needs to feel as at home as possible, and that goes along with taking their medicine and supplements as they would at home. Also, if they are taking this medicine for a specific reason, then it is vital to pack it to keep your dog healthy and on the track to feeling better.

Overnight Dog Boarding Tips

Following these tips on how to best pack for your dog for overnight dog boarding will make it the easiest and most enjoyable boarding experience for you and your dog. Paws Play provides safe and enjoyable overnight boarding for your dogs. Learn more about our services by visiting our website or contacting us at (216) 284-1712 today!

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