Being a pet owner is a responsibility. This is especially true if you are a proud dog owner. If you have owned a dog for any length of time, however, you will know that life can get in the way. When it does, you are caught in a moral dilemma. Do you attend to the needs of your beloved dog, or do you run that trip to the dentist you have been putting off?

What if there was a way you can achieve both? With dog boarding, you will be able to run your errands for the day or go on a trip while your furry pal enjoys the doggy counterpart of a daycare.

If the thought of leaving your dog somewhere scares you, it is perfectly understandable. However, here are some benefits of dog boarding that might change your mind.

Improved Socialization

Three dogs walking together in an open field Most dogs who remain with the same person tend to develop a form of xenophobia. Xenophobia is the uneasiness towards strangers. Dogs that are not accustomed to people other than their owners and family can become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

Improving your dog’s tolerance of strangers and other dogs is key. To develop social skills in your dog, you will need to provide the right exposure.

The exposure can come in the form of a dog park. However, if you are in the middle of a busy day, leaving your dog in a boarding kennel can provide the same opportunity for socialization.

While there, your dog will be able to meet other dogs and new people, particularly the keepers. With repeated exposure, your furry friend will be more social and less aggressive towards other dogs and people.

Opportunities and Activities

There is a tendency for dog owners to leave their dogs at home when running errands or going to work. Unless the home has a playground for the dog, the dog will be left alone, prone to boredom.

Dog boarding facilities have gone a long way from being just enclosures for dogs. Nowadays, most pet boarding facilities come equipped with play areas and staff.

Dog boarding facilities can be the right place to leave your dog. This is especially true if you dread the idea of it being bored as you go about your day outside the house.

TLC While You Are on the Go

Three dogs playing with a stick in a yardWhen you are away from your dog for any period, you do not know much about its well-being. Even if you leave food and water, you will now know if your dog ate, drank, or even napped. If something happens to your dog at home, you will be unaware of this as well.

In a dog boarding kennel or facility, you can leave your dog in the hands of qualified professionals. Hence, as you go to work, run personal errands, or even go on a trip, you can be assured that your dog is receiving the right care and attention.

On-point Nutrition

Indeed, your dog will be fed well when you leave it in a dog boarding kennel or facility. These facilities will ensure an available supply of food and drinking water for your dog while you are away.

You can also draw inspiration from what the dog boarding kennel feeds your dog. Who knows? You might learn that there are other healthier food options for your dog.

Find a Place for Your Pooch with Paws Play!

We understand that responsibilities can get in the way of your time with your dog. With dog boarding, you can bet that your dog will be well-nourished, happy, and more social. Even better, you can rest assured knowing that your dog will be in capable hands. Paws Play offers boarding for dogs in downtown Cleveland, OH. Visit our website or call (216) 284-1712 today!

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