Don’t you think your dogs deserve the special treatment parents give to their babies? Just like young children, your little furry friends need to stay healthy and thrive in their surroundings, even when we cannot be there to make sure they are. This is the reason why you must choose the right dog daycare for your beloved dog. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect dog daycare for your cute little ones.

1. Tour the Facility

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Hop on a call with the dog daycare and schedule a tour of their facility. This is highly important so you’d be able to see and get the feel of the environment that your dog will be staying in. You can also get the chance to ask a couple of specific questions about their facilities or services.

When picking out the best daycare for your dog make sure you check the overall cleanliness of the facility and if they regularly sanitize the place. Don’t forget to check out the safety precautions they put up.

2. Look at Online Reviews

This one is an obvious factor to consider when choosing a dog daycare. Make sure you read reviews about the facility. Sometimes it is best to hear from the experiences of other dog owners. This can also be a major deciding factor for picking out the daycare best suited for your dog.

3. Check Their Toy Policy

Does your dog tend to get quite aggressive with other dogs when it comes to having toys? Well, then this is the best time to review the dog daycare facility’s toy policies. If your dog has these tendencies it is highly recommended that you inform the staff beforehand to avoid unwanted circumstances.

4. Staff-to-Dog Ratio

Did you know that the IBPSA or the International Boarding and Pet Care Services Association recommends a staff-to-dog ratio of 1 to 15? However, some dog daycares make allowances based on the activity of the dogs. More active dogs might require more supervisors, while less active dogs might require fewer.

5. Staff Training

You can never be too sure when leaving your dog to the hands of another person. Let alone there are other dogs around that might need extra supervision. This is why the staff at the dog daycare you’re choosing must be well-trained when it comes to working or training dogs. A great dog daycare staff must ensure that they’re providing and enforcing a safe environment for your dog.

6. Ask For a Trial or Temperament Test

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Let’s face it. Not all doggies are used to being around other stranger doggies and people. You have nothing to worry about, though. The purpose of a trial or temperament test is to ensure that your dog will adjust smoothly or to ensure that they can adjust to the routine and be around other dogs.

7. Ask About Their Treat Policy

You most probably trained your dogs when they were still little. Good behavior means they get a treat. During your visit to the dog daycare, ask the manager about their treat policy. Inform them if your dog is on a special diet or exhibits aggressive behavior around food.

8. Ask If They Have a Plan for Emergency Medical Care

In an instance of an accident or an injury, the dog daycare must have an emergency medical care plan in place. It is essential to have their staff prepared at all times for any situation in which a dog in their care may need veterinary care or emergency medical attention.

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