Looking for tips and tricks for when you are overnight boarding your dog? This is the right place for you. Here are some tips and tricks for you and your dog to have the best experience possible while boarding your dog overnight.

1. Dogs Need Time to Get Adjusted

If you are planning on boarding your dog overnight, bringing your dog to an overnight daycare a few times before the date of the overnight boarding process will help get your dog adjusted. Your dog will get the chance to meet their caretakers, and also get the chance to interact with other dogs there. Dogs are like humans. Who wants to sleepover at someone’s house without having met and hung out with them first? It is the same with dogs. They need to interact and meet the people and other dogs that are going to be present when they stay overnight at the daycare. With the accommodations that are given at overnight daycares, your dog will sleep comfortably and interact accordingly with other dogs.

2. Make Sure to Book Ahead of Time For Holidays

Two dogs playing with rope in snowIf many people decide to go away on vacation for special holidays, where will your dogs stay? Make sure to book your dogs overnight boarding stay ahead of time due to the overload of bookings around that time. Lots of people decide to go on vacation away from home for the holidays, so making sure you book your dog’s stay ahead of time will not only guarantee you a spot, but also give you time to prepare your dog for that stay. Try booking around two to three months ahead of time to guarantee a spot at the daycare.

3. Give Your Dog Some Extra Love

Leaving your dog at any time can be hard for you and your dog, so giving your dog some extra love and care before overnight boarding can provide your dog and you with some reassurance and comfort. Some dogs really love going to daycare and interacting with other dogs, but some don’t. There are some that would much rather sit on the couch with their owner than interact with other dogs and new people. Showing your dog some extra love and comfort can help show the dog you love them and will be back for them as soon as possible. Showing this reassurance will help your dog feel safer when needing to stay overnight.

4. Bring Your Dogs Favorite Toy to the Overnight Stay

The dog plays with rubber carrot. Closeup

Do you Know that one toy that your dog cannot get enough of? Bring it to the daycare! Bringing your dog’s favorite toy cannot only help your dog get adjusted to the new place, but also help the interaction with the workers go smoother by providing their favorite toy. Someone giving your dog their favorite toy can bring comfort to your dog and make them feel safe. Also having your dog’s favorite toy at the daycare can provide your dog with a sense of feeling at home because their toy is with them.

5. Give A Blanket With Your Scent

Providing a blanket with the owner’s scent on it will help the dog feel more at home and not miss the owner as much. Dogs can really feel more comfortable knowing their owner was there or nearby with their scent being on a blanket with them. Dogs that are more attached to their owner will have a much harder time adjusting to staying overnight at a place that is not their home. With the scented blanket, it allows the dog to believe their owner is there with them and help them adjust to the overnight stay better.

Boarding at Paws Play

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