The holiday season is a busy time of year, and most likely your dog will have no idea what is going on. Spending holidays with dogs can add to your holiday joy, but make sure to keep your pooch safe from all the decorations and treats that appear during this time of year.

Holiday Treats

Pug dog laying down in Christmas outfit

The holiday season is filled with treats and candies that we all love to eat. However, our dogs love to eat too, and so they might try to sneak away with some treats for themselves. Unfortunately, most of the special treats we love to eat during the holidays are not very good for dogs, especially chocolate. If you’re spending the holidays with dogs, be sure to stash your holiday cookies and candies in places where your dog won’t be able to reach them. No one wants to spend the holidays with dogs at the veterinarian!

Holiday Decorations

Some dogs already love to chew and tear up things in the living room. Holiday decorations give your dogs even more options for things to potentially destroy. Things like ornaments and tinsel are hazards for your dog to potentially chew on. Ornaments are often made out of hard and sharp materials, such as aluminum or glass, and will definitely injure your pup if they try to bite into them. Candles are especially popular this time of year, and an open flame can be another hazard for your pets.

If you are spending the holidays with dogs, make sure you keep their safety in mind as you set up decorations. Keep potential hazards out of their reach and try not to have any floor decorations at all. If your dog or dogs seem persistent on messing with your decorations, you can always purchase some dog-deterrent spray. Spraying your decorations with this will either give off a bad odor to the dog or an awful taste in their mouth if they bite something with the spray on it.

Weather Safety

Longhaired Dachshund dog red color runs with the ball in his mouth with the snow

If you’re spending the holidays with dogs in an area that gets cold and snowy for the winter, make sure to prepare your pooch for that as well. Even though they’re covered in fur, dogs can still get cold. Vulnerable areas like their nose, ears, and paws can quickly become frostbitten if not covered up or if the dog is outside for too long.

If you plan to leave your pet outside at all when you’re spending the holidays with dogs, it’s absolutely crucial that you set them up and provide them with what they need. Never leave your dog outside in cold weather for extended periods of time, no matter what. If you’re planning a long walk or hike with your pup in the cold, be sure to keep them warm with their own dog jacket or coat. Dog breeds like Huskies are suited for the cold weather, but not every dog breed has such thick fur, so be sure to prepare your pup accordingly.


Spending the holidays with dogs means you’ll probably have company over or be visiting company at some point. Make sure your dogs are friendly and comfortable with the company you plan to be with. If you plan to be around other animals or small children, be sure that your pets are familiar and comfortable with those animals and children. Nothing can ruin the holidays faster than having to break up a fight between animals or injuring a child.

Need a Safe Place for Your Dog?

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