As challenging as it can be, there comes a time when your canine companion will need to be left behind. Finding a place that you trust to take care of your pooch can be intimidating. However, taking the time to research and find the right boarding option that both you and your pet trust is important, and will allow for a comfortable situation. Here are a few important key elements to look out for:

Friendly, Qualified Staff

Cheerful young woman sitting and playing fetch with a dog on grass.When leaving your furry pet anywhere, it is important that they are in good hands. Finding a pet boarding facility that is well-trained and competent is critical in making sure that your pet is provided with the correct care.

Look for boarding facilities that have received licensure from the local authority. This certification ensures that the highest quality of care is given to your pet while under their care and supervision. Your pet should be attended by friendly, trained, and experienced staff in order for your pet to have a safe and comfortable stay.

Vaccination Policy for Pet Boarding

For your pet’s safety and the safety of other animals, it’s important to select a facility that requires proof of vaccinations. The basic canine vaccines are DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. These vaccines protect dogs from very highly contagious and often fatal diseases, such as Parvo and Parainfluenza Viruses. These viruses are easily transmissible, but very preventable. Vaccinations will give you the peace of mind to allow your pooch the freedom to roam and play with canine friends.

Pet Accommodations

When selecting a pet boarding location, consider the space and staff. As with humans, dogs like their own space at the end of a long day for some rest and relaxation. It would be best to choose a location that provides individual accommodations for our furry friends. Think of it as their own cozy, private hotel room that is closed off from other dogs, so that they can rejuvenate and prepare for more chasing, ball retrieving and playing tug-of-war. Also, consider the amount of staff that is on-hand daily, both days and nights. Dogs love human companionships and interactions. With their human family away, plenty of staff members are imperative for them to feel safe and comfortable. If you have a temperamental dog, it may take a few staff members to ease this transition.


Let’s be honest, canine companions deserve the very best, especially while their humans are away. It’s important to work within your individual budget, but consider all the different factors we mentioned when selecting a boarding location. You know what’s best for your dog’s individual needs. It is highly recommended that you take a tour and visit a location multiple times before selecting one. You may even want to try a full or half daycare before overnight boarding. Don’t select a location on cost alone. This decision requires a multifaceted approach.

Safe and Clean Environment

Dog drinking water from a bowl outdoors .

Making sure that the facility you choose for pet boarding is safe and clean is crucial. Safety is vitally important when making a decision on where to board your pooch. Take into consideration the space of the facility to ensure it is temperature controlled and check their use of chemical-free products. Ask about the procedures and emergency policies that are established if your pet gets sick or injured.

Choosing a boarding facility with certified and trained staff is imperative when making this decision. It may also be beneficial if the facility is located near a veterinary hospital in the event of an emergency. Each animal should have access to clean drinking water and have it readily available when needed. Also, be sure to review the policy for feeding procedures and requirements. Overall, having a clean, suitable environment will allow for a comfortable and secure stay for your pet.


Finding a safe, reliable, and pleasant boarding option for your pet takes time and research. Recommendations from your friends, family, veterinarian, or groomer can help ease the process when finding the best boarding facility for your canine companion. However, reviews and testimonials are also a great source when considering where to board your pet. This is an important step when deciding which pet boarding facility to choose from. Online reviews can assist in understanding each facility’s reputation, accommodations, and safety standards. Testimonials will help paint a better picture and attest to real, transparent experiences from other owners who have used their services. Looking at their previous client base, photos, and Q&A’s will assist in choosing the right boarding facility.

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