In a few days, it will be your baby’s first day in doggy daycare. Are you both ready? Leaving your pooch in daycare is nerve-wracking, and it involves plenty of preparation to ensure your pup will have a great time. Here’s a good way to get ready:

1. Have Your Dog’s Medical History Ready

Before sending your dog to daycare, you need their medical history. Daycares always ask for proof of vaccinations and verification that your dog has been spayed or neutered. They also want to know if your dog is in a flea and tick regimen.

2. Ask About Safety Certifications

You want to make sure your pooch is in safe hands, so don’t forget to ask the daycare’s administrators about their safety certifications. They’re not veterinarians, so you can’t expect them to deal with every health issue, especially life-threatening ones. However, the daycare attendants should be able to respond to some emergencies.

They should be a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider and Certified Professional Animal Care Manage, and it should be a protocol of the daycare to have at least one person on duty who knows first-aid and CPR.

3. Ask or Look Into Cleaning Protocols

Dog with light colored fur eating from its bowlAt the dog daycare, your pet will be close to other pets, which puts them at risk of contracting illnesses. To avoid this, you must make sure that the daycare has cleaning protocols and that those protocols do well in keeping the place clean. Before bringing your dog to the dog daycare, ask about their cleaning procedures in detail.

Ask what they do everyday when it comes to keeping the place clean. You should also confirm what the protocols are when one of the dogs develops a kennel cough. Having these protocols in place is essential to ensure that every canine in the daycare remains healthy.

4. Prep for Evaluation of Dog Behavior

The dog daycare attendants need to assess your puppy’s behavior without you before bringing them in regularly. Don’t be alarmed by your absence; you not being there is precisely the point of the evaluation, after all.

You won’t be there when you leave your dog at the daycare. There’s a chance they will not react positively, which the attendants want to know. This way, they can give your pup the best care and ensure they feel better while you’re away. With that said, there are a few things you must prepare, which you’ll likely provide in an assessment form:

  • Your dog’s response to a dog crate
  • Parts of the body your dog doesn’t want to be touched
  • If your dog gets along with other dogs

5. Ask About What Is Included (Food, Toys, etc.)

Small dog grabbing rope toy in yardOne of the most important things to ask is the inclusion of the service. You don’t want to end up with an extra $10 payment because you said to give your pup a walk without knowing it costs extra. Ask if you need to pay for additional enrichment and what a daily fee entails, whether it comes with food, toys, etc. This way, you know for sure what you need to pay.

6. Find Out What a Typical Day Looks Like

To be sure if this daycare suits your buddy, you want to ask what a typical day looks like. It’s essential that they give the dogs lots of play and relaxing time. Otherwise, your pup might come home grumpy.

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