Bringing your dog to a dog daycare allows your dog to be safe and comfortable when you are busy or unable to watch them. Dogs enjoy activities and playful encounters with other dogs throughout the day. Bringing your dog to daycare not only enforces your dog’s interaction with the caretakers, but also helps interact with other dogs. The caretakers help dogs feel comfortable and help them to enjoy their day while away from their owner. Daycare for dogs can help with growth by positively impacting their social development.

Similar to Daycare For Humans

Teacher and children reading a book in the preschool

Dog daycare is exactly how it sounds. It is a daycare for dogs when their owner is unable to watch them for the day. Just like daycare for babies, toddlers, or kids when their parents are unable to watch them during the day, dogs can go to one too. Just as kids are given activities to do and caretakers to play with, dogs also have activities planned by the caretakers and the chance to interact with other dogs, as kids would interact with other kids. They are fed throughout the day, as kids would be when in daycare. Dogs are also picked up at the end of the day when their owners are able to, just like kids are picked up at the end of the day.

Interact With Other Dogs

The caretakers at a dog daycare will set up activities and free time for dogs to interact with each other and play together. Most dogs enjoy running around and letting all of their energy out. With the environment at daycares, they can do this. At the end of the day, dogs are ready to go home and relax with their owners. By having dogs interact with other dogs, they also learn social skills. They learn how to safely play with dogs and what not to do with them as well. Having practice of interactions, dogs can be taught what is playing and what is hurting other dogs. It is important to have your dog interact with other dogs, because isolation from other dogs can cause social issues. They can act out violently with other dogs or be scared to be around them. Overall, interaction with other dogs will only improve your dog’s social skills and allow them to have fun at daycare.

Interact With Caretakers

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As important as it is for dogs to interact with other dogs, it’s also important for dogs to interact with other humans as well. Human interaction with dogs can help dogs feel safe around those they are comfortable with and cautious around new people. Going to dog daycare can help dogs get used to being around new people, other than their owners, and learn how to tell if someone is safe to be around, and if they are not. Just like dog-to-dog interactions can help socially, dog-to-human interactions can help too. Remembering to have your dog interact with humans throughout their growth will help them become used to being around them and they will learn not to be violent. Bringing your dog to a daycare can help with human interactions away from their owners. Daycare is not just a place for dogs to play, but also a place to learn.

Paws Play Dog Daycare

Having a safe space away from home is very important in the growth of your dog. Paws Play daycare is a place for your dog to have fun, interact with other dogs, but also be enriched in the activities and programs given. Visit our website or contact us (216) 284-1712 today!

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