Sometimes, it’s necessary to board pets when vacationing or spending time away from home. Pet owners can even choose to board their pets when they move or when they need to have work done on the house. Dog boarding is also a popular option for busy dog owners who don’t want their pooch cooped up in the house all day while they’re gone.

Border collie and Golden Retriever are standing at wooden doghouse.How Dog Boarding Works

Dog boarding refers to keeping a dog in a daycare or overnight facility when the owner needs to travel, or otherwise be without their dog. Dog boarding has become very popular over the last few decades, and there are now countless facilities across the country that offer this, along with other services, to pet owners.

Some veterinarians, pet care centers, and kennels also offer dog boarding services. This type of service covers feeding, walking, and overall care for the dog. Whether it’s short-term or long-term boarding, dog owners just need to pay a fee to keep their pets happy and healthy until they come back.

Why It Is Convenient for You

Many pet owners are divided when it comes to boarding. Some believe that leaving their dogs in a strange environment will only increase their anxiety while they’re gone. Others think that it’s the safest way to ensure that pets are taken care of even in their absence, because the dogs will be in good hands.

While it makes sense to entrust pets to neighbors or family, the same care and attention provided by pet owners to their dogs cannot always be guaranteed. They may be busy or inexperienced with dogs. Or perhaps your dog needs special medication or has unique food preferences.

Dog boarding saves pet owners time because they can simply give these instructions to trained staff who will take care of everything.

How It Can Save You Money

Woman playing with two white dogs outside

Apart from leaving pets in capable hands, dog daycare and boarding is also economical. Although this may not appear so when considering the upfront cost, it is better in the long run.

This is because traveling with a dog isn’t cheap. While smaller dogs can go in carriers, you need to make sure your carrier is compliant with the airline in question if you plan on flying. If you have a larger dog, though, they will need to fly in cargo. For some airlines, this can run over $1000. This is besides the fact some hotels charge pet fees on a per-night basis.

Rather than racking up these extra fees — some of which may be unexpected — with a trusted dog daycare and boarding facility, you’ll have a good idea of the costs before your dog stays there.

Every Pet Deserves a Great Dog Boarding Experience

Whichever way pet owners choose to board their dogs, it’s always important to consider their needs before going away on a trip. Take into account your pet’s interests and comfort levels before finding a place for them. Try to find a facility that is local and close to your home to reduce the amount of anxiety your dog might have.

If your pup enjoys a daily run in the park, make sure the boarding kennel offers a nice environment to walk dogs. If your dog enjoys a good swim, find one that provides this amenity. After all, every pet deserves to have fun, too — even when you’re away.

Overnight Dog Boarding with Paws Play

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