If you’re a dog owner looking to plan the perfect getaway, the decision of where to board your pup may seem daunting. Should you go with pet boarding or a pet resort? Understanding the differences between these two types of accommodations will help make choosing one easier and ensure that your dog has a great time while you’re away.

How Does Pet Boarding Work?

Pet boarding is a pet care service commonly used when pet owners have to leave their pets behind for a period of time, such as when they go on vacation. Boarding can take place in the pet owner’s home or at a pet boarding facility.

Pros and Cons of Pet Boarding

Dog getting pet and smilingBoarding facilities usually provide food and basic pet care, with options like giving pet medications and other services available for extra fees. The services they offer are more basic and cost-effective, with supervised, round-the-clock care from trained professionals, and provide a sense of safety due to the increased supervision. It is important to consider that pets may become stressed by being surrounded by unfamiliar animals for an extended period of time. This could potentially cause behavioral problems. Additionally, kennel cough is a highly contagious disease which is easily transmitted between animals, so be sure to research the facility’s preventative health care routines before booking your pet in!

What is a Pet Resort?

A pet resort is a type of pet boarding service for pets needing temporary pet care. Often, pet resorts offer more than just pet boarding. Pet resorts provide an opportunity for pet owners to provide their pet with a vacation-like atmosphere.

A Luxurious Experience

Pet resorts are often designed to resemble a hotel by providing amenities such as luxury meals, grooming services, and even swimming pools or other recreational activities. They offer separate areas and activities suited to each pet’s individual needs and personality, as well as supervised playtime organization that ensures that your pet stays safe and happy while you’re away.

A Unique Set of Disadvantages

Person walking multiple dogs at oncePet resorts often have detailed care plans tailored to specific needs, such as breeds, ages or medications for individual pets, meaning each animal gets the attention it needs. On the other hand, these rigorous treatment plans may cause certain pets to develop stress and separation anxiety. Also, in situations when multiple owners are seeking accommodations at the same time, there could be limits on space or availability that won’t be as much of a problem for pet boarding. .

Which Option is Best for Your Furry Friend

Pet boarding is a great, affordable option: many pet sitters will make sure to feed, clean, and keep an eye on your babies while you are away. However, pet resorts offer a more luxurious experience, with activities such as spa treatments and interactive play areas – perfect for when you want to pamper your furry friend!

Whether it’s pet boarding or a pet resort, what’s best for your pet partially depends on their personality, and preferences. Consider asking advice from others that have gone through the same process in the past. Your decision should also take into account where the pet resort or boarding facility is in relation to home – after all, you don’t want your pet to be too far away from all those who love them!

Pet Boarding at Paws Play

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