February 2020

Hey Pawesome Pawrents! Winters in Cleveland are one of the reasons Paws Play is the leading facility you’ve come to know and love. As Alayna and I walked one snowy day (neither of us having fun, I believe) I wondered, “how are Paws exercising in inclement weather?” That day four years ago got the ball rolling. 

Snow can be fun, it is true, but let’s talk about some of the dangers the Winter season can bring.

1. Salt – Out on walks, it is often we will find sidewalks and roadways salted.

2. Temperatures – In freezing weather conditions, you do not want to have your Paws out too Long or unattended. Limit time outdoors when temperatures are below  45 degrees.

3. Sweaters and Coats can be very helpful in reducing the wind and effects of low temperatures.            

We will go into more detail about these three throughout the month. Can’t wait that long? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the video posted covering all three in more detail!

How Well Do You Know Salt?

While there are many pet friendly brands of snow salt, it is not always the top choice for the price sensitive consumer or those without pets do not consider them. Just to be safe, keep an eye on your Paws’ behavior as you are walking.

Sometimes salt or ice chucks can get embedded between their pads and quickly become uncomfortable for them. They usually communicate this by holding the effected paw up or even a slight limp. A quick fix for this is to simply swirl your finger between the pads to clear any obstructions. You’ll confirm success when they resume normal walking.      
How do you know which salts are safe or not? The short answer… you don’t. In that, it is important to treat the salt on your outdoor adventures as if they are all unsafe for pets. The first thing you should do is clean their paws off upon returning home using a cold towel or wipe (can be a cool-warm, but not hot.) As we know, they are not very picky about what they eat and you can bet salt is not any different. They will go to lick their paws and essentially ingest the salt.

There are ways you can help them out! One is by providing booties for them. There are various styles of booties and it could be worth shopping around to find the perfect fit. You can find a review of a few bootie brands on our YouTube video. 

Bonus Tip: Using paw balm is a great way to keep their paws moisturized in cold weather.

Paw Friendly Salt Brands

safe paw salt
uline ice melt
paw thaw salt
morton ice melt