Your dog celebrates all your biggest milestones with you, so why not celebrate theirs? When it comes to a dog birthday, most pet parents want to give their furry friend an extra special treat to commemorate the day. Whether you opt for letting your four legged-best buddy pick a sweet treat at the local pet store or making a cake for them from scratch, we’ve got lots of ideas for celebrating your best friend! Dogs are easy to please and will appreciate any little thing you do for them outside of their routine.

As always, consult with your vet about how much and how often to give any of these treats to your dog. All dogs and breeds are different, and any of these things could upset your dog’s tummy, depending on their tolerance for new foods. Here are a few ways to go above and beyond for your pup.

Snacks You Already Have At Home

VeggiesCute dog wearing a birthday cake shaped hat

Vegetables can be a great source of vitamins and minerals for your pets. Veggies are a great way to give your dog a birthday treat that’s still good for them. Keep in mind the size of your dog and the size of the treat. Big dogs may be able to eat whole carrots or stalks of celery, but smaller or older dogs who may be prone to teeth issues do best when their crunchy snacks are cut into bite size pieces. The following are some of the best veggies for your pup to snack on.

  • Broccoli, cooked or raw
  • Carrot chopped into bite sizes
  • Celery
  • Green beans, canned or fresh
  • Peas
  • Sweet potato, cooked and skinless


As with the veggies, fruits are great for your dog, but you will have to be a bit more mindful with portioning. Fruits are much higher in their sugar content so they are best if given in moderation. Fruits are still packed with vitamins that your dog will benefit from, and they’ll love the sweet treat on their special day. Try some of the following:

  • Apples with seeds and core removed
  • Bananas in moderation
  • Blueberries
  • Cantaloupe or Watermelon with seeds and rind removed
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries


Probably your pup’s favorite treat on this list! Dogs are natural omnivores, meaning they can eat plants and meat. But, given the option between celery and a nice steak, your dog is more than likely to pick a steak every time. That being said, pet parents should take care when preparing a meaty treat for their dogs. Always remove little bones and any pieces of fat/ gristle, as those can be serious choking hazards. Humans love a nicely seasoned steak, but dogs’ bellies are a bit too sensitive, so skip the salt and pepper. Some people prefer raw meat for their pets, but it’s best to avoid the possibility of any contamination or toxins from the meat and opt for boiling or sautéing in water, or a very small amount of olive oil.

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey

What To Avoid

When it comes to our pets, giving them people food can be a bit nerve wracking, as their safety is our first priority. Fortunately, there are many resources on the internet to quell our fears, all of whom will agree on a few major no-no’s for dogs:

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes/ raisins
  • Onions/ Garlic
  • Seasoning
  • Xylitol

Homemade Dog Birthday Treats

Cute dog wearing pink birthday hat sitting at a table with a cupcake with confetti in the air

Now that you know what your dog can and can’t eat, it’s up to you to decide how you want to prepare it.

Baked Goods

Dog birthday cakes are fun and easy to make, and your pup will love them. Using ingredients like oats, peanut butter (without xylitol), yogurt and bananas, you can make an excellent cake base to add any of the fruits or veggies listed above to. Some parents even “ice” their pups cake with peanut butter! This is a great way to get that cute photo of your pup “blowing out the candles” for your Instagram.

Meat Cake

Combine rice, veggies from the list above, and finely chopped bits of chicken or ground beef in a cake mold and bake to make your furry friend the meal of his dreams. Making a quick and fairly easy little meat cake for your friend, especially in the shape of a bone, is a great way to give your dog a birthday they won’t soon forget.

Ice (Cream-less) Cake

Is your pup’s birthday right in the middle of summer? Then this is the treat for you! Easily one of the lowest effort treats on this list, you can make any combination of chicken or beef stock, water, chopped veggies, bite sized biscuit treats, small pieces of cooked meats, etc. and freeze it either in a cake tin or a small bucket. Freeze it a few days in advance, and on their birthday place it outside for them to enjoy. Most dogs will nibble away at their ice cake throughout the day, which will provide them with a whole day of treats and keep them cool in the hot weather.

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